Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BC Marathon rankings

1. Mastery 110

The horse to beat. Godolphin has been pointing him to this.

2. Septimus 106

Has been off for a while, but Ballydoyle is strong off a layoff.

3. Nite Light 105

If he gets an easy lead, he loves 14f. Looked great in last two.

4. Father Time 104

Has the closing kick and classy connection to contend.

5. Muhannak 102

Has apparently lost more than a step.

6. Alaazo 101

Love how he's coming into this race, and the distance is his strength.

7. Unusual Suspect 101

A return to his Cougar II win makes him tough. 14f a big question.

8. Eldaafer 100

Amazing bloodlines and a great horse, but has peaked this year.

9. Alcomo 99

On his best day, and if he adapts to the surface, he make the board.

10. Free Fighter 99

Could be a player, but needs to answer a lot of questions.

11. Rising Moon 96

A shipping Dick Dutrow is always tough, but he is merely ordinary.

12. Soldier's Dancer 95

Interesting play if he runs, but he is a step below the best.

13. Bold Chieftain 94

The distance is a question, despite great 9f Cal-Cup win.

14. Cloudy's Knight 102

With his breeding, the Pro-Ride should be perfect, but is running at KEE.

15. Temple City 93

In over his head. But, only slightly.

BC Mile rankings

1. Goldikova 112
Extremely tough. Enough said.
2. Zacinto 110
Moving quickly in the right direction.
3. Ferneley 109
The most overlooked horse here. The best of the Americans.
4. Delegator 108
This has been his focus, and he had a nice break in the Summer.
5. Sight Winner 107
If they bring him, his HK Mile form is good enough to make top 3.
6. Justenuffhumor 106
On a hard surface, he will return to his brilliance- which is almost good enough.
7. Varenar 108
The Foret race was impressive.
8. Whatsthescript 106
He is classy and loves the course. He will be coming late and peaking here.
9. Cowboy Cal 105
Pace scenario is against him, and his finish isn't Euro-worthy, but he's consistent.
10. Sterwins 104.5
Loved his last two closing races.
11. Diamondrella 104
Has an impressive closing punch and looks like she will improve off her win.
12. Karelian 103.5
Excellent in the soft, but doubt he can do it on the hard going with these.
13. Court Vision 103
Looked really good, but is, as always, a step below the best.
14. Jungle Wave 102
If he doesn't go into the Turf Sprint, he is a classy, dangerous horse.
15. Battle of Hastings 101.5
Ultra-consistent, hard-turf loving type who will be trying.
16. Sweet Hearth 100.5
Not as impressive to me as her stablemate.
17. Mr. Sidney 100
He is consistent at this distance, and impeccably bred (for dirt), but is still slow.
18. Free Fighter 99
Good horse. Not good enough.
19. Cosmonaut 98
Always tough in a big race, but past his prime.
20. Courageous Cat 97
The horse to watch out for next year in this division (or on dirt).
21. Take the Points 96
Should stick with his division until he's fast enough for these.
22. Straight Story 95

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oak Tree Rantings

Oak Tree is a well-oiled machine, it seems. After a few weeks here, I have come to notice that it is a boutique meet at a non-boutique track. Santa Anita, at first impression, is one of the proverbial palaces of sports. It, unlike Keeneland or many east coast tracks, is completely designed for the spectator. Despite all the amenities and high-end availabilities, this track has no air of elitism. Being in the L.A. area, on top of that, makes it even more impressive.
To follow my adventures in L.A., in photos, CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BC Classic rankings

Rank Horse ASP Comment

1. Rip Van Winkle 115

It scares me how confident O'Brien is in this one.

2. Sea the Stars 115

The class.

3. Quality Road 113

Love him on the synthetic, pedigree-wise.

4. Zenyatta 112.5

Will be coming.

5. Mastercraftsman 112

Slight edge, speed and pedigree-wise over the big favorite.

6. Summer Bird 111

Always trying; a cut below the top 5.

7. Richard's Kid 110

Improving and in the right barn.

8. Rail Trip 110

If he returns to his summer speed, he's tough.

9. Tiago 110

Will. Run. Well.

10. Einstein 109

Fresh and dangerous off a 9 week break.

11. Furthest Land 109

Loved his race and his # in the last one.

12. Gio Ponti 108

Good on Pro-Ride; knows how to win; loves 10f.

13. Colonel John 108

Better on turf.

14. Gone Astray 108

Sneaky good runner; getting better.

15. Mine That Bird 107

Great closing kick may love Pro-Ride

16. Parading 106.5

Always there; better at 9 than 10f.

17. Chocolate Candy 106.5

A cut below the best.

18. Misremembered 106

Getting better, but is probably better suited to the Dirt Mile.

19. Regal Ransom 105

Could set the pace and hang on for a piece of it.

20. Tres Borrachos 105

I could actually repeat the above sentence for this one, too.

21. Awesome Gem 102

Returning to great form; is better in slop than synthetics.

22. Nite Light 104.5

Loved his last race in the slop at Hawthorne.

23. Bullsbay 104

Off an injury; could be a nice wild card.

24. Macho Again 104

Looks to have peaked.

25. It's a Bird 104

Classy, but too many question marks.

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