Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turf Sprint

One of my favorite races of the entire Breeders' Cup program is the inaugural Turf Sprint. This race is bald speedsters and bold closers clashing down the hill and into a 1/4 mile stretch that crosses over a sometimes troublesome main course. Sometimes the main course impedes a closer's momentum, and thus this course often favors speed horses.

I would not be surprised if today a track record was set. The beautiful and fast gray gelding, California Flag, along with Hero's Reward, True to Tradition and Mr. Nightlighter will all be fiercely fast out of the gate. California Flag may be the fastest, but that is something we will not know until the gates are opened.

In the meantime, I do have to admit that I am throwing them all out due to their abundance, and going toward a classy European trained by the venerable Jeremy Noseda, Fleeting Spirit. This filly, tackling the older males is a staggering closer who will finally get the insane pace she needs to be competitive at the highest level. She will have a good post (2) and will be coming at the end under the always dangerous Johnny Murtagh.

1. (2) Fleeting Spirit 6-1
2. (3) True to Tradition 8-1
3. (14) Mr. Nightlighter 3-1
4. (1) Hero's Reward 20-1
5. (10) California Flag 10-1

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