Monday, August 10, 2009

the commentator has left the building

Commentator finally bit the big one.  He was slowing down, so it is good to see him go out in-the-money at Saratoga.  He ran

 his race, but he has yet to compete at the same level of his Mass Cap win from last year.  Live and let die, I say.  He has had enough rests and comebacks to know that we actually have seen his best, and he falls into the enviable category of one of the few to break the 120 Beyer mark in more than one two-turn event.

This gelding really was talented.  He had that cruising rate that would burn others into the ground, but always was tough on the horse, himself.  High cruising horses have brute muscle strength, and that wreaks havoc on the rest of the body.  This is one of the reasons he was seen so sparsely throughout his career.  

His best race, in my opinion, was his first Whitney win versus Saint Liam.  He not only had to blitz fractions, but he had to fight to win the race on a track that often will favor a horse with Saint Liam's mid-pack style.  

He was a fast mother, and I look forward to seeing what happens now that he is gone.  Who will be the next horse running Candy Ride-style Beyers.  

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