Wednesday, August 12, 2009

rachel alexandra the great

Rachel Alexandra worries me.  She just peaked.  Her last two races were of astounding brilliance.  It's that kind of bold speed that you can't keep running, no matter how good a trainer is at honing it.  Curlin had three brilliant wins and should have had more of a break to get him back to that point, but he didn't.  He kept on running and racing, and slowly but surely becoming less impressive, despite being victorious. 


Granted, Dubai can take some starch out, but that is why you need more than three months off.  You need 6 months, minimum.  The only horses I have seen exit Dubai as better animals were Victory Gallop and Formal Gold.  I cannot explain those horses.  Perhaps they were the leggy, light types that ship well and don't turn a hair.  Or, in Formal Gold's case, perhaps he was just rounding into form and about to turn into a freak on us.  Either way, they are the exception.  All in all, I would rest her a few weeks and run her in the Jockey Club Gold Cup to close out her year.  

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