Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speed Ratings for FOY & Sham

Fountain of Youth
11. Quality Road 105
9. Capt. Candyman Can 103
8. Break Water Edison 101
2. Theregoesjojo 100
12. This Ones for Phil 99
4. Take the Points SCR (99)
3. Notonthesamepage 98
10. Taqarub 96
6. Rocketing Returns 95
7. Beethoven 95
1. Bee Cee Cee 93
5. Jack Spratt 84

7. Mr. Hot Stuff 100
5. The Pamplemousse 99
12. Take the Points 96
10. Mark S the Cooler 89
9. Ventana 88
2. Smart Bid 87
1. Hi Flyin Indy 84
8. Bourbon Bay 85
4. Lifeline 83
11. Unbridled Roman 82
3. Tiz True 80
6. Balfour Park 70


Joseph said...

I still like Jojo it looked like he ran a bit wide. McPeek stated that this was just a prep race for him also. Quality Road looks like a serious contender as well.

Keep up the good work.

M.H. Adolphson, Jr. said...

I think he did go wide, but that was his momentum, more than anything else. The only thing that was disconcerting was how he flattened out. Out of shape or not, he should have kept pushing in pursuit. I'm definitely moving him from the top spot to the 'wait and see / prove it to me' list. Hello Broadway is definitely my wiseguy horse right now, and I look for him to win his next spot. Quality Road was my pick in this race, and I was not surprised, considering he likes outside posts, and is a huge horse, so he likes to run off the pace in the clear. It set up as I thought it would. He is all class, and runs more like the Strawberry Road side of his pedigree. His mom is a full sis to Ajina, and she was a fast, fast filly who never really showed how talented she was, despite winning a BC Distaff.

M.H. Adolphson, Jr. said...

oh, and what a horrid ride from Nakatani on Mr. Hot Stuff. The Pamplemousse needs to run on dirt and deliver in his next race, and he will be the favorite for the Derby, hands down... but Canani likes to stay home.

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